Dapper Dan Pomade

Dapper Dan pomade is a good example of a classic yet very successful and popular product even today. Although there are now several new alternatives when it comes to hair styling for men, a lot of people still prefer these classics. Dapper Dan transforms men’s hair and gives a shiny, neat, and slick look that could last longer than conventional hair setting products known today.

Dapper Dan Pomade


What is Pomade?

Teenagers and young adults may no longer be familiar with pomades especially the Dapper Dan hair pomade. Instead, people today prefer to use hair wax or hair gels. Pomades are somewhat similar in the sense that they perform the same function: to style and set men’s hair. Pomade is a greasy and waxy substance or solution applied unto the hair to style and make it look neat and shiny at all times.

It was first used during the 19th Century and continued to become popular during the 20th Century. Compared to modern day hair gels, pomades don’t harden after application. This makes styling and restyling possible with pomades. Additionally, pomades provide more lasting effects which can last days or weeks even when hair is regularly waxed.

dapper dan hair pomade

Brief Background on Dapper Dan

The Dapper Dan hair product particularly the pomade was sold and become popular during the 1920’s up to the 40’s. It was so popular that the term Dapper Dan is now used to describe a neat and well-groomed man. It was also mentioned in the movie “Oh Brother Where Art Thou”. After years of being dormant, this pomade brand is now making a comeback and is now getting momentum particularly in the United States and Europe.

dapper dan hair product

The Unique and Beneficial Features of Dapper Dan Pomade

Here are the features that made this pomade so popular in the past and today:

  • It makes men’s hair gorgeous. Obviously, it’s a favorite because it transforms the looks of men’s hair. Have you seen those shiny and slick hairs of the top male Hollywood celebrities? They’re not using gels or waxes, they are using pomade. So if you want a better looking hair or are not satisfied with your current hair wax or gel, switch to pomade.
  • It permits restyling of hair. Another good thing about this pomade is that you can restyle your hair anytime you want compared to gels that permanently fixes your hair.
  • It is comfortable to use. If you are uncomfortable with your current wax or gel, try this pomade. When applied, this medium weight pomade will let you have that after-bath or after-shower feeling all day long.
dapper dan pomade for sale


  • Nice classic scent. Another favorite feature of the Dapper Dan pomade is that classic mild, masculine, creamy, and elegant pineapple scent that is unobtrusive, not overpowering, nor not annoying. It can work very well with your favorite perfume.
  • It is made from natural ingredients. Perhaps, this is one of the benefits of classic grooming products; the use of natural ingredients. In fact, this pomade doesn’t contain artificial colors and preservatives and is considered vegan or vegetarian friendly.

Currently, Dapper Dan pomade for sale is available in Europe and in some specialty shops in the US. And once you have purchased your own tin, using is pretty simple: Wet your hair using warm water, apply generous amounts of the pomade, massage unto hair, and finally style.

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