The Basics of Pomade

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Pomade is a product or substance used to the style hair. Such product is sold mainly for hair grooming in men but there are also women who occasionally use it because of its unique and beneficial features. Hair pomade can help moisturize hair and keep it sleek and shiny all day long, it doesn’t harden compared to the hair gels of today, and it permits restyling of hair over and over again. There are even instances when the benefits of pomade can last not only for days but even a week or more.

The difference between pomade and hair wax

A lot of people confuse modern day hair wax as pomade or vice versa. When it comes to the ingredients, hair wax obviously is formulated mainly from wax. And although the newer brands of pomades have a wax component, they are mainly concocted from oils. For their usage, wax is usually ideal for short to medium length hair while pomade can be applied on all hair lengths.

When it comes to effects, pomade generally produces a wet and shiny look. Wax can also make hair look fresh but not as shiny as pomade does. Additionally, wax can have a holding or hardening effect while pomade ensures flexibility of the hair.


The two general types of pomade

When you are shopping for a pomade, there are two general types you can encounter:

  • Petroleum-based pomade. As its name suggests this type of pomade is petroleum-based. There are benefits of using this type like a better shine, longer lasting effect, and at times cheaper price. But the most common consequence will be the difficulty of washing it away from your hair. Water alone won’t work and you might have to use a deep cleansing shampoo.
  • Water based pomade. The other type is the water based. It is lighter on your hair and can be easily removed by water. But its styling effects can be less effective compared to the petroleum-based type. Additionally since it’s water-based, it can easily dry up if you expose your hair long hours under the sun or heat.

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Applying your pomade

The good thing about pomade is that it is not sensitive when it comes to application. After shopping and purchasing the best pomade, you can easily apply it either on wet or dry hair. When applying to wet or moist hair, ensure that it is just damp or moist not totally wet with dripping water. For best results, some users also use additional or dedicated top coat.

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